Every once in a while, something unexpected appears which disrupts the status quo so completely that it changes the course of history. It can be an idea, an invention, a radical new approach, a discovery, a revolution. Disruptions create progress, and define our future.Join us in exploring the new ideas, designs and discoveries changing our world.

Aspen Disruption Summit: Sunday July 20 from 9am – 4pm @ Aspen District Theatre

Ticket prices: $199 VIP (VIP ticket includes VIP Speaker Reception on July 19); $159 Adult: (Age 18 & over); $49 Student (Age 12-17). Buy your tickets now! Seating is going fast!

Saturday, July 19th | private pool and lounge at The Limelight Hotel
6-8pm: VIP Speaker Reception
Sunday, July 20th | Aspen District Theatre
9am-12pm: Session I
12-1pm: Buffet Lunch
1-4pm: Session II

Speakers include:

ADS-geordieGeordie Rose PhD

Disruptive Multiverse:
Quantum Computing is Real, and is Here


ADS-amandanorthAmanda North 

Disruptive Life Event:
How the Boston Marathon Bombing Changed My Future

ADS-chrisChris Nowinski

Disruptive Neurology:
Sports Concussions are Pandemic; Time to Expose Them

ADS-susanSusan McConnell PhD

Disruptive Biology:
Our Need for Wilderness is Hard-Wired



David Kaplan PhD

Disruptive Physics:
How Searching for the Higgs Became a Transformative Film


ADS-terenceTerence Ward

Disruptive Culture:
A Journey Back Home to Iran


ADS-markMark Harris PhD

Disruptive DNA Science:
Personal Genomics Will Save Lives and Change the Treatment Protocol Game


ADS-markjosephMark Joseph

Disruptive Engineering:
Designing for the Next Millennium


ADS-micheleMichele Westmoreland

Disruptive Anthropology:
Kickstarter Meets Headhunter in Papua New Guinea